Lead Pastors - Steve & Dani Bosman
Steve and Dani Bosman are the lead pastors of Faithlife Church, Toowoomba. They moved to Toowoomba in December 2009 after hearing the call of God to start a church in the city. In the Bosman's 30 years of ministry, they have planted churches, ministered in countries around the world and have been missionaries in Ireland for 10 years. Pastors Steve and Dani are passionate about the mission of Faithlife Church: To release the presence of God into people's lives.

Pastors Bob & Lesley Best
Pastors Bob and Lesley’s vision is to release the presence of God into people's lives. They desire to see and experience people coming into their true identity in Christ and living as if heaven is on earth. Pastors Bob and Lesley support people to become a part of the sustainable revival that God is sweeping through our church, our nation and beyond. They endeavour to experience the signs, wonders and miracles of people being set free in their bodies, minds, spirit and emotions. Pastors Bob and Lesley’s passion has always been to serve the body of Christ: to see the lost, the lonely, the broken and the rejected experiencing the power and love of God in an amazing way that changes lives forever.

Val Cairncross
Val Cairncross is a prophetess who hungers for more of God and more of His presence. She has seen transformation in her own and others’ lives by listening intently to the Holy Spirit and developing an intimate relationship with God. Val hears and releases the messages of God to bring life to dead places, hope to the hopeless and love to the brokenhearted. She is a prayer warrior who stands alongside Faithlife and its members in their pursuit of revival in our city, region, nation, and beyond.

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