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The Sounds of Heaven (SOH) team is made up of passionate and skilled people who are worshippers on and off the stage. SOH members constantly grow in their skill and ability to hear and release the sounds of Heaven into our atmosphere. SOH includes the sound and media team which is for anyone interested in tech support and sound engineering. For our team, the focus is on God and what He wants to do, and therefore team members are encouraged to live sold out to God and sensitive to His Holy Spirit leading.

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Many of the things that happen in Faithlife would never take place without the dedicated team of volunteers. Enhancers are the 'Helps' ministry within Faithlife, and serve with passion and genuine love for people. We are passionate about raising up a team of dedicated, servant-hearted people who recognise serving in the helps ministry as a priority in the church and find joy in doing so. It is our heart to instil in our team the value and the great privilege that it is to honour God and our church in this way.

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A2-YA - Faithlife’s vibrant young adult community, led by Bec Higgs, is a growing movement marked by identity, intimacy and freedom. We are an Acts 2 generation, passionately seeking God’s presence, building Kingdom community, and reaching the world with Truth. When we are able to know and experience Him — His character, His goodness, and His relentless love for us in all its fullness — we come to know ourselves, His sons and daughters set apart, called to love and change the world.

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Marriage ministry

'On The Couch' is led by the beautiful Bob & Lesley Best, and is geared towards young married couples who would like to take their marriage to a whole new level together. Bob & Lesley are passionate about seeing couples build stronger relationships together, so that they can walk in greater fruitfulness in their God-given destinies. 'On The Couch' facilitates topical discussions, fellowship, prayer, practical activations, and more. These nights are the perfect opportunity for couples to learn how to greater enhance and fire-proof their marriages.

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We believe children need to be trained how to walk in the things of God from the earliest of ages. As parents and teachers, we create an atmosphere where children can encounter the presence of God: teaching them to hear God’s voice, intercede for others, heal the sick and share their faith. It is our prayer that by teaching them these things it will impact their own lives and the lives of others, and that they will walk in them all the days of their lives, growing stronger in faith with each passing year. Children’s Ministry takes place during Sunday morning church.


Freedom Fighters has been formed to create community outreach opportunities and training for evangelism. We are passionate about praying for the sick and needy, sharing the word of God with others, and generally loving on people through: Door Knocking, Treasure Hunts, Active Discipling Groups, Street Evangelism, and General Helps for those in need. If you would like to be involved, please contact Michael Mangos at:

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Fragrance is our women's ministry, led by the beautiful Hannah Mirisa who is passionate about creating a safe place for women to connect on a deeper level, with intentionality. The heartbeat of Fragrance is to celebrate womanhood; to see all women - no matter their age, background or life experience - step into greater awareness of their potential, and their identities as women of God. There are many opportunities to be involved with Fragrance, including: small groups, special women's events, girly catch-ups + our ladies book club - Flourish! For more information, please contact Hannah Mirisa at:

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Mentegrity is about equipping and empowering Men to live a life of honesty, morality and trustworthiness. We are a group of Men who seek to be whole hearted and undivided (in unity) in Christ, supporting each other by creating an environment to connect and do life together. Mentegrity is about walking together with a kingdom mindset, pursuing God’s presence daily, and growing into Men that know how to love others well in a culture of honour. For more information, please contact Prentis Darbishire at:


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