Love After Marriage is a course that focuses on restoring love and peace in your relationship. Love After Marriage is the curriculum that God released in a dream to Barry and Lori Byrne, which gave them fresh strategy for healthy marriages. The Lord conveyed His heart to them concerning the spiritual, emotional and sexual aspects of the most significant human relationship on earth: marriage.

As you participate in this workshop, you will experience and receive: Fresh and bold teaching on the basic principles of spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness Tools to take your marriage to a higher level of intimacy, communication and enjoyment Opportunities to practice these tools in an intimate, small group setting Breakthrough for struggling marriages to help you overcome the strongholds in your relationship
*Keys to take even healthy marriages to a higher level
For more information, please contact Ross and Elizabeth Coutts. Ross: 0458 666 093. Elizabeth: 0409 346 046

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