The Beehive is the women's ministry of Faithlife Church

The Beehive exists to empower women of all ages to be a modern day Deborah (an Old Testament prophetess, whose name means ‘Honeybee’).

To lead though engaging in worship, prayer, faith and courage. Training women to know how to walk in the strength of a warrior, be a nurturing mother, filled with compassion and to boldly engage in their area of influence.

The Beehive is held on the 4th Saturday of each month, from 10am – 12pm. Please see our event calendar for further details.

The Beehive is lead by Jeanet Dawson (who has the heart of an intercessor  and worshipper), along with the support of an amazing team of women.

The Beehive

It is our desire to see women of all ages rising up, knowing their identity in Christ.