Freedom fighters is a street evangelism ministry

Facilitated by Michael Mangos, the team meets on a Thursday night for a ‘Treasure Hunt” style night at Grand Central Shopping Centre in Toowoomba. After waiting on the Lord, we connect with people we feel led to approach and use a 15-second testimony approach, and other approaches as the Holy Spirit leads, to share the gospel.

The life of Jesus is the model and we seek to emulate Him and His methods to fulfil this mission. His goal, and ours, is to be part of a movement that will take the gospel to the whole world. Jesus crossed whatever boundaries stood in the way and connected with people who were far from God. He sought people of peace that God had prepared to each their community. Her called e people to repent and believer the gospel. He trained disciples, calling them out and teaching them a new way of life. He gathered people into communities, his own disciples being the nucleus of the church that He would build. He multiplied workers, training His disciples to make disciples and so launched a global missionary movement.

We are going for gold. Like Jesus, we seek to be intentional, biblical and dependent on the Holy Spirit. We see our goals as being attainable because they are God’s initiative and plan that He invites us to join. Our fuel is the energy of a white-hot faith as we surrender in loving obedience to His call. We are committed to the cause.

“It does not take vast amounts of money to fill a nation with the knowledge of the gospel. What it takes is ordinary people, on fire with the love of Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, who are willing to tell their families, friends and casual acquaintances what God has done for them,” says Australian author Steve Addison.

Freedom fighters

We share the gospel in obedience to Jesus' command to go into all the world and make disciples