About Faithlife Church

We are passionate about equipping believers to release the presence of God in their spheres of influence.

Senior Pastors

Steve Bosman is the Senior Minister of Faithlife Church. Steve is passionate about evangelism and has a heart to train people to live a lifestyle of supernatural signs and wonders. Having begun his ministry career under the missionary evangelist T.L. Osborn, Steve has been involved in many international crusades and mission trips and seen major miracles across the 40+ years of his ministry.

Dani Bosman is the Executive Pastor at Faithlife Church. Dani is passionate about creating a culture of worship and prayer in our community. She also has a heart to raise up leaders for city transformation and to see unity amongst church leaders. Dani was launched into ministry, alongside Steve after they married in 1985 in Colac, Victoria.

Associate Pastors

Associate Pastors Bob & Lesley Best are part of the 5-fold ministry at Faithlife Church in the area of Pastoral Care. They are such an incredibly kind and encouraging couple who have such a genuine heart to help others build stronger relationships together so that they can walk in greater fruitfulness in their marriages. Bob & Lesley run our 6-month Pre-Marital Courses and also lead ‘On the Couch’, a marriage ministry providing the perfect opportunity for couples to learn how to greater enhance and fire-proof their marriages.

About Faithlife Church

“We are a prophetic community of believers, relentless in our pursuit of God’s manifest presence”

We are passionate about equipping people to live out a lifestyle of signs, wonders and miracles. Our heart is to see people loved well from the fruit of our ‘first love’ for the Lord.

We desire to empower people of all ages to experience and release God’s presence in their everyday life.

In our services, we focus our attention on teaching people principles, that will lead them into an encounter with God’s love and power.

This is accomplished by ministry to the Lord in praise, worship and testimony. Then, this flows through to people by moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, preaching and prayer.

We believe that God equips His children to live in abundance. Whether it is in the context of family, finances, relationships, emotional well- being, spiritual growth, or physical health, Faithlife equips its community to prosper and live a life marked by generosity.

Core Value Intensive

For people who desire to make Faithlife their church home, we regularly host a Core Value Intensive (CVI), which explains who we are and why we do what we do.

To be included in our next date, please email admin@faithlife.org.au with your full name and mobile phone number.

The Core Value Intensive includes sessions on:

  • Goodness of God
  • Culture of Love and Honour
  • Language of Faith
  • Radical Generosity
  • Supernatural Lifestyle
  • Discipling Nations

Upon completion of the CVI, the next step is a Core Value Encounter (CVE) and a Volunteer Induction (VI) for those who would like to increase their involvement and become a Faithlife volunteer. At this meeting, we will take you though various spiritual and legal areas, share our journey of becoming Faithlife and include ministry over each person in the form of prophetic encouragement.

All of our volunteers have a current Blue Card or are given the forms to apply for one at our CVI. During the CVE, you will receive a ‘SERVE’ card that outlines all the different areas we work within, so you can chose how you would best like to serve.

Legal Structure

“Faithlife is a house of ‘ first love’, reformation, healing & miracles!”

Faithlife Church is an Incorporated Association, with a Management Team and church partners.

The Management Team is made up of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Advisory members. They assist with financial decisions, planning budgets, staff approval, policies, procedures, and other legal and practical areas.

The Church holds an Annual General Meeting, where all aspects of financial auditing and practical decisions are discussed with church partners and a new Management Team are nominated and elected.

Faithlife has several policies and procedures, as well as a risk management framework, which is communicated once an individual has decided to become part of the Faithlife family.

Leadership Structure

“Leadership is a journey to become love”

Our Leadership structure is inspired by the scripture in Matthew 7:18-20 (NKJV). It resembles a tree with a strong root system, healthy trunk, branches and fruit.

“A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore, by their fruits you will know them.”

The root system represents the Five-Fold Ministry team, which is comprised of the five equipping offices. These include apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists.

As stated in Ephesians 4:11-13, those who walk in the five-fold grace gifts are purposed for the nourishing of the church. They equip our community for the work of the ministry. In addition, they provide spiritual direction by establishing doctrine and systems to grow and maintain Faithlife culture.

The trunk of the tree represents the leadership departments and the branches, our various small groups.