2019 is the year of Visitation

2019 is the year of Visitation. The Holy Spirit is visiting my life in the seen and the unseen. I am in God’s Season of the Suddenlies. I am expecting things to change right here, and right now

2019 is the year of ‘It is Finished!’. The Father is calling me to come up higher. I see things as He sees them – forever settled, already done. Every circumstance that contradicts His will is a Lie. Anything less than Victory is a seducing spirit

2019 is the year of Restored Relationships. Marriages, families and friendships are restored. I open my heart for restoration, I reach out my hands for reconciliation. Broken relationships are a thing of the past. I Forgive, because I am forgiven

2019 is the year of Living in the Miraculous. The Spirit of God is on me to heal and deliver. The same anointing that is on Jesus, is on me. Everywhere I go becomes a perfect health-zone. Through my life, Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever


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