We believe in the power of declaring God’s word over ourselves, our families and our nation. 

This is our 2022 vision decree:

2022 vision decree

2022 is the Year of Letting Go!
I am leaving my failures behind.
I am not holding on to the past.
No more regret, no more self-pity,
I’m not going back; I’m letting it all Go!

2022 is the Year of Moving FORWARD!
I receive second chances, it is a new day.
God is saying: “It’s time for a FRESH start!”
I believe my best days are coming.
Onward and Upward, I have made up my mind.
I’m MOVING Forward!

In 2022 I’m All In.
Jesus, You are worth it ALL.
I’m going ALL the way,
no matter what tomorrow brings!
Let my life bring honour to your Name.
All that I am, You can have it!
All that I have, it is Yours!
Amen & Amen